Bioland secures the future supply of valuable food and protects our ecosystem in a natural way. Wide crop rotations, area-related livestock husbandry, mechanical and biological plant protection and the promotion of beneficial organisms are just a few of the methods used by Bioland farmers. In this way, they cultivate healthy, lively soils and regulate weeds and pests. Animals, plants and soil provide each other with valuable nutrients. This guarantees independence from chemical-synthetic pesticides and easily soluble mineral fertilizers and protects our groundwater. In addition, the members actively promote biodiversity by creating habitats. In the field through healthy soil and also next to the field, for example through hedges. Insects and wild animals find food and breeding grounds in this way. With the cultivation of as many types of plants as possible and the keeping of rare or threatened animal breeds, Bioland farmers also contribute to maintaining genetic diversity.

Customer benefits

All Bioland members and market partners are checked at least once a year by state-approved, independent inspection bodies for compliance with the EU organic regulation. As part of the inspection, it is also checked whether the more extensive Bioland guidelines are being met. If the inspection is successful, the companies receive a certificate. The Bioland inspection system offers security and supports the high credibility of the Bioland brand.


The guidelines at Bioland provide rules agricultural production, animal husbandry and processing. They ensure progressive, transparent and ethical agriculture and food management.



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